Quiet time on a Weber River rafting trip

About Park City Rafting

Park City Rafting in Utah began 20 years ago by local avid rafter and river enthusiast Kyle Hooker.  After running rivers around the world, Kyle realized that what he really wanted was to share the experience of guiding in his own backyard and take trips down the Weber River, especially a particular section that, at the time, no one else was boating.  In fact, in those days there was hardly ever anyone else around at all. 

Since its humble beginning with just 3 boats, Park City Rafting has grown into a fleet of 12 and a close-knit staff of fellow river-loving guides and employees, including Kyle’s wife and six children.  Throughout the years, they have continued to offer a truly unique and heartfelt experience, setting them apart from the other companies that have since started rafting the Weber stretch.  Rafting is what Kyle and his family do, and they love sharing it with others.

Kyle has extensive experience on not only the Weber but some of the top rivers in both North and South America.  He has guided trips down the Grand Canyon for 30 years as well as rivers in Chile, Costa Rica, Idaho, and elsewhere in Utah, just to name a few.  But Northern Utah is where he chooses to call home, and the Weber is one of his favorite rivers around.

Why choose Park City Rafting?

  • The most knowledgeable and experienced rafting guides around
  • Explore the beautiful Weber River
  • Option of participating (guide has the oars but you can paddle if you want)
  • Family-run and operated
  • Learn about history and geology
  • Rafting trips are all fully guided

Park City Rafting is open from June through August.  Discover more about the exciting rafting trips we offer!

weber river garbage

Park City Rafting - Stewards of the Weber

The owner and staff at Park City rafting are locals who love the Weber River, and a huge part of the PCR’s mission is to keep the river valley beautiful and healthy for years to come.  Every year the PCR staff actively participates in trash clean-up and assisting with local events and non-profits who are also working hard to keep the river “rafting friendly.”  During the 2010-2015 span alone, they hauled out and recycled over 750 pounds of aluminum from the trash collected along the river.

About “The Mighty Weber River”
The Weber is unique amongst Northern Utah rivers in that the water stays warmer for much of the summer (usually in the 60s and 70s), and low water is not typically a problem since it is dam controlled (for irrigation purposes).  This means that there are almost never days that aren’t perfect for gliding down it in a guided raft.

All along this Henefer-to-Taggart stretch of the river are fascinating stories, beautiful vegetation, and stunning geology, and your guides will happily tell you about all of them.  The river is known as the best river rafting in Northern Utah, and you will not be disappointed.  Nobody knows the Weber River like Kyle and his crew.  Every nook and cranny, story from the past and unique geology – Kyle knows this river like the back of his hand and loves to pass along fascinating tidbits and knowledge to his guests. 

Come experience the best Park City whitewater rafting this summer!

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